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We talk a lot about the various tools we use in our DIY projects here on the blog. Here’s quick access to our most popular DIY products! (Amazon links will open in a new window.)


High Temperature Mini Glue Glue that Gives You Complete Control

AdTech HiTemp Mini Glue Gun

The HiTemp Mini is the most economical choice if you’re looking for a glue gun that “does it all.” The compact size puts you close to the nozzle, giving you more control than you’d have with a glue gun that has a longer nose. Check out this project and this project for samples of how to use the HiTemp Mini!






 AdTech Project Pro Glue Gun

A step up from the HiTemp Mini, the Project Pro is AdTech’s founder Peter Melendy’s favorite DIY glue gun. He calls it “the best value.” Also compact in size, but with a slightly longer chamber for the glue stick and a narrower nozzle, this glue gun allows you to lay fine lines for thin seams you need not to show.





AdTech Precision PRO Glue Gun

The Precision PRO was designed to eradicate glue drips. Propped on its stand-up base, the nozzle is almost parallel to your work surface, rather than pointing downward, needlessly wasting glue. Like the Project Pro, it also has a “needle nozzle” for fine lines (hence the name “Precision PRO”!). See this project for one way we used this glue gun to lay really, really fine lines. NOTE: This glue gun gets very hot. To achieve the fewest drips, pair with High-Temperature or Pro-Strength sticks for best results.





AdTech LoTemp Mini Glue Gun

The LoTemp Mini has several surprising benefits: One, paired with AdTech Multi-Temp sticks, it drips a lot less than a traditional glue gun, because the glue never gets thin enough to drip. Two, the lower temperature makes it easy to press materials together without fear of burns (still gets hot, mind you!). Three, you won’t have to worry about melting or warping delicate materials with this glue gun.





AdTech 2Temp Full-Size Glue Gun

The 2Temp Full-Size is the best of both worlds when it comes to temperature. You get the perks of a high-temp (such as laying long lines quickly) and the perks of a low-temp (such as fewer glue drips and preserving delicate materials) without having to switch back and forth between two glue guns. See this project for how we used the 2Temp recently!





AdTech Temporary Glue Runner

This item, though labeled a “Tape Runner” on the product, actually dispenses a soft glue that can give scrapbooking materials a Post-It quality. If you want to mail a holiday card with a family photo fastened to the top but also want the recipient to be able to peel it free to stick to the refrigerator, this is a great way to do it! See this project for another way we’ve used it.



AdTech Permanent Glue Runner

This item, though labeled a “Crafter’s Tape” on the product, also dispenses glue that is acid-free and offers a very secure hold. It’s a great option for paper projects, because although the adhesive dispensed is, in fact, glue, it does not cause paper to warp; the glue is dispensed in an even layer, and the pointed tip allows you to drag the glue all the way to the edges of the paper before stopping, helping to eliminate snags.