Colorful Spring Tree – featuring AdTech® Hot Glue and Crafter’s Tape

Usher in spring with this cute DIY! Make this Spring Tree using the AdTech® Crafter's Gift Pack, scrapbook paper and twigs. #hotglue #glue gun #scrapbooking #paperarts #eastercraft #springcraft #springdecor #diy

Hi Everyone! Chris here. I’ve got another easy and super-inexpensive project for you. Let’s usher in spring with this Colorful Spring Tree!

I happened upon a similar project over at Everyday Mom Ideas, and was inspired to create a new version using our AdTech® Crafter’s Gift Pack (available at Amazon and other retailers, and contains our Project Pro Glue Gun, MultiTemp Glue Sticks and Permanent Crafter’s Tape). Besides those items, all you need is some scrapbook paper and one or more small tree branches.

The original project called for wiring the leaves onto the branches. I decided to up the simplicity factor with hot glue. Worked like a charm!

Spring Tree Supplies

Supplies you will need:

Step one: Spray paint the branches (optional)

This is pretty self-explanatory. Shake the can well and spray outside away from objects… like cars, people and pets. You can spray the branches or leave them natural. I felt like white was more spring-y.

Spray paint branches

Step two: Make a paper sandwich

If you have large 12″ x 12″ paper like I did, you’ll want to cut it into more manageable pieces. I cut each large piece into quarters. (It really doesn’t matter what size. Just use a size that you are comfortable cutting leaves out of.)

Cut the scrapbook paper

Next, apply the Crafter’s Tape to the wrong side of one piece. I ran the tape one way every half inch or so, and then ran a couple of lines across the other way, and around the border.

Place another piece on it (wrongs sides together), so you see a different pattern on each side. Press together.

Spring Tree: Scrapbook paper sandwich

Step three: Cut the leaves

I didn’t make a template. I just cut out leaf shapes. Pretty easy!

Spring Tree: Cut out paper eaves

Make a bunch of leaves – as many as you think you’ll need for your tree.

Spring Tree: Cut out paper leaves

Step  four: Bend the leaves

I took a ruler and bent the leaves a little, to give it a nice effect and show off the undersides of the leaves more.

Spring Tree: Fold paper leaves

Step five: Hot glue the leaves to the branches.

Add a small drop of hot glue to the bottom of the leaf.

Spring Tree - AdTech hot glue

Touch the leaf to the branch and hold for a few seconds until it bonds. (No need to touch with your fingers. It bonds well just touching the leaf to the twig. Bonus!)

Spring Tree: Use AdTech hot glue to glue leaves.

Just keep adding leaves until you get the look you want.

Usher in spring with this cute DIY! Make this Spring Tree using the AdTech® Crafter's Gift Pack, scrapbook paper and twigs. #hotglue #glue gun #scrapbooking #paperarts #eastercraft #springcraft #springdecor #diy

Step six: Add flowers (optional)

This is totally optional, but you can add some paper flowers if you’d like. I happened to have a flower punch kicking around, so I made some quick blooms. I used hot glue to adhere the layers, and a dab of hot glue and a small bead for the center.

Spring Tree: Add paper flowers

That’s it! I hope you liked my version of this awesome project! If I could do it again, I would have made the leaves a little bigger for a fuller effect, but all in all I’m very happy with it. I got a lot of “oooohs and aaahhs” from the AdTech staff, and our receptionist, Cindy, will be taking it home for Easter. (The tree is about 3 feet wide, so I hope she has room!)

Usher in spring with this cute DIY! Make this Spring Tree using the AdTech® Crafter's Gift Pack, scrapbook paper and twigs. #hotglue #glue gun #scrapbooking #paperarts #eastercraft #springcraft #springdecor #diy


Love what you created? We will, too! Tag us in your image on Instagram, @adtech. Use the hashtags #glueasamedium and #thisishotglue so others can see your creation! And remember not to leave your rock candy necklace in a warm car or anywhere that might exceed 120 degrees, as the glue will soften.

Make this pretty Spring Tree as a centerpiece or home decor. Great for Easter! Learn how to DIY this simple project.  #spring tree #eastercraft #springcraft #kidscraft #scrapbooktree #hotglue #gluegun #adtech

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