Tom Thumb Gun

The Thumb Gun

From the leaders in hot melt adhesive innovation……we have introduced the Thumb Gun! Available at Joann’s, Amazon, and limited Walmart USA stores. Uses mini size glue sticks and is ideal for quick projects and crafts.

Hot Glue Gummy Bears

Hot Glue Gummy Bears - Make these cute little gummy bear charms out of AdTech hot glue and a silicone mold! Visit the AdTech blog to learn how to make hot glue gummies and much more. Great craft project for older kids and teens. Listen to the Gummy Bear Song while you craft! #hotglue #gluegun #gluesticks #adtech #thisishotglue #thestudio #kidscraft #kidcraft #gummybears #gummybearsong #gummybearcharms #gummybearnecklace

Let’s face it. GUMMY BEARS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. I recently had the honor of designing our “Make and Takes” again at the Creativation Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. When people came to our booth and saw we were making gummy bears out of hot glue, they couldn’t wait to sit down and give it a go! Our booth was hopping for sure!

AdTech Booth Creativation 2019

Creativation also gave us a chance to show off our new Drip-Less™ Glue Gun – which won a NEW PRODUCT AWARD! Whoop, whoop! To learn more about our amazing new Drip-Less™ line of glue guns – and learn how to make my adorable little gummy bear project, read on!

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