Alexis the Greek comes to Adhesive Technologies as Content Creator

Alexis, Content Creator

What can I say? I fell into this content creation game by accident, but it sort-of suits me. I love a creative challenge and I like making beautiful things that make people happy, so when I think of all the jobs that I could have, this one definitely isn’t bad!

The projects I create at the Studio are inspired by the idea that no matter where you are in the world, you can have an exotic life. Whether it’s elephant earrings, travel pouches for your tech, or an origami sunhat, the creations are meant to bring adventure to you, and you to adventure!

When I’m not DIY’ing at the Studio, you can often find me testing out Pinterest recipes, wandering the bookstore, binge-watching documentaries on travel and history, or having a night in with my man, Matt. I also build websites and shoot business photos for small businesses and startups, which is a deep passion of mine (and how I got the job working as content creator here at the Studio!). Learn more about all I do by visiting my website, Alexis the Greek.



Jill, Marketing Assistant

No, our marketing assistant here at the Studio is not a cat! Although that might be fun, this little guy is Tyson, Jill’s beloved pet. Tyson will be standing in for Jill at this photo opp!

Jill is a little shy, but she’s a big part of the Studio team here at AdTech. Many of the photos we take require two sets of hands, so often my (Alexis) hands are the ones behind the camera, and Jill’s are the ones demonstrating a technique. She also helps to approve ideas and develop prototypes!

Jill adds to our global feel here in the Studio, as she is from Taipei, Taiwan. She’s been working for AdTech officially since January, 2017, but interned here long before that. She’s using as much time as she can this year to learn and enjoy the different culture of the United States. This year was marked by trips to NYC as well as Yellowstone National Park.